Jess Lockwood was born September 28th 1997 to a ranching family in Montana. Barely 20 years later, he was crowned the PBR World Champion.

Growing up in rural Montana, Jess is the next lineage of a multi-generation ranching family. He began his life as a cowboy, from the day he was born.

It’s all he knows.

At a young age he took an interest to western sports. Pretending for hours on end that he was a Professional Bullrider at the top of his game, mimicking those he watched on TV, Jess dreamed of hoisting the trophy of all trophies. He was only 3.

After wearing the fabric off of the living room sofa armchair, he would give pretend interviews in the living room through the tv remote his dad Ed would hold. Even at that young age, he visualized himself as the best. Determined. He never doubted who he would become.

Jess lives by a creed that the agony of defeat is by far worse than the thrill of winning.